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Every Small Town - Chris Chitsey
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"Every  Small  Town"


World Indie Music Chart Top 100 - #33, #19, #8, #7

European Indie Music Chart - #133, #94, #10, #8

CDX True Indie Country Traction Chart - #

Spin Tracking System - #

Music Row Nashville - #178, #142, #138

New Music Weekly Country Radio - #74, #61, #59, #48, #41

New Music Weekly Country Indie Radio - #25, #21, #19, #15

New Music Weekly Country Digital - #47, #43, #40 

New Music Weekly Country Indie Digital - #20, #18

"'Every Small Town' has debuted this June to a warm reception from critics and fans alike. Both casual country fans and serious followers of the genre need to pay attention to the music of Chris Chitsey this season, and I say that as someone who has spent the better part of their life studying the ins and outs of his chosen genre. This is a song designed to make you feel good when you hear it, which hasn't been the situation with a lot of country's most talked-about singles recently." 

- Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest

"Chitsey is breaking out the big guns for 'Every Small Town' and if you ask me, I think he deserves to be lauded as one of the more focused singers in his peer group this season. Chitsey has a signature sound and I think his performance in 'Every Small Town' could boast his most melodic vocal so far. He's showing off a lot of growth from behind the mic, and although there's a lot of emotion born of the lyrics here, none of it would be even remotely accessible to us if it were being presented by a different singer." 

- Loretta Kim, Famous & Made

"'Every Small Town' packs a heck of a lot more punch than I was anticipating as I prepared to sit down with this song for the very first time, but that could be why it's my favorite Chris Chitsey song to see widespread release so far. He's giving us the whole nine yards here and sounding like the real deal the entire time. There is so much confidence in Chitsey's execution in this single, from his electrifying lead vocal that he puts at the forefront of the action, to his swaggering attitude and laid-back persona are highly infectious to put it very mildly." 

- Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

"Chris Chitsey isn't playing music for money! This artist is the real deal and his integrity finds a way of bleeding into every beat he records, including and especially not limited to his most recent work, 'Every Small Town'. Chitsey makes it obvious that his priorities as an artist are rooted far more in making the biggest and boldest harmonies he can over trying to join in with the pop trajectory that a lot of his rivals would do anything to be a part of." 

- Mark Druery, IndieShark Music Magazine

"Artists like the intriguing and emotional Chris Chitsey are changing the game for country music and removing creative control of the genre away from the classic hierarchy that has inarguably driven it into a ditch in the last few years. Everything about this arrangement is meticulously crafted! Our leading man goes a long way to proving just how committed he is to real country music at this point in his career." 

- Claire Uebelacker, Ballyhoo Magazine

"There's no doubt that Chris Chitsey means real business upon listening to the opening instrumental salvo that gets his new single 'Every Small Town' started with a bang! Chitsey's voice has the power to move mountains, but I like that he begins this song by illustrating an aesthetical balance frequently overlooked by his peer group. Chitsey's vocal has a melodic prowess like few others I've listened to in country music, and for our benefit, he's exploiting his gifts for everything they're worth in this instance. Chitsey loves this genre and he's putting every part of his soul into this performance, and I don't think you need to be a trained music critic covering Nashville to recognize that." 

- Nicole Killian,

"Chris Chitsey is working hard to save true country music. 'Every Small Town' boasts a sweet harmony in its chorus that is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head after even a cursory listening session. It's red, white and blue melodies are somewhat of a diamond in the rough these days. Chitsey's vocal is at the most unguarded state we've ever heard it before, with his heart on its sleeve. Chitsey is playing for the sake of an entire culture here, and he's putting together the most in-depth & emotive country sound of anyone in his scene with the release of this track." 

- Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts Insider

"Chitsey always has a way of taking a personal approach to his lyricism, but it's obvious even at a distance that his heart is invested in the subject matter of 'Every Small Town'. Chitsey has yet to receive the amount of press that I feel he's been due, but I think the narrative surrounding the career of one, Chris Chitsey, has a good chance of changing for the better after 'Every Small Town' finds an audience on the dial over the next few months. This is a superbly well-rounded sound that doesn't ask a lot out of listeners in exchange for a pastoral charisma I haven't been able to get out of the country music bigwigs lately, and that alone makes it a must-listen for fans like myself." 

- Colin Jordan, Medium

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Chitsey’s journey in the country music business has been a true testament to his talent, persistence and dedication he brings to the table. His star power, world-class voice and imposing personality have brought him the national acclaim that country music fans knew was coming since the beginning.

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