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Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy - Chris Chitsey
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"Life  is  Hard,  Whiskey  is  Easy"

(Rob Martin & Frank Maroney)


World Indie Music Chart Top 100 - #1

European Indie Music Chart - #2

MEI Italian Euro Indie Music Chart - #2

CDX True Indie Country Traction Chart - #17

Spin Tracking System - #32

Music Row Nashville - #61

New Music Weekly Country Radio - #32

New Music Weekly Country Indie Radio - #5

New Music Weekly Country Digital - #17

New Music Weekly Country Indie Digital - #5

""Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy" will shake you to the core without dispute. Chitsey gets right into the mix with his incredible voice, letting the melodic wonderment he dispenses do all the talking for him. I was blown away by how spellbound I became when analyzing the depth of the lead vocal, and particularly how well it holds the attention of the listener from start to finish. If there’s any artist that I’ve come across who’s on the verge of turning a corner before the bulk of his peers, I think it would be Chris Chitsey." - Garth Thomas, The Hollywood Digest

"As emotion-conjuring as it gets in the country genre in 2024, Chris Chitsey’s “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy” is undisputedly powerful enough to move mountains this January. When you’re working with the kind of slick vocal prowess that this artist has, you don’t need an elaborate instrumental backdrop; beyond the mic, you’ve got everything you need to make a hit single. There aren’t many songs that I’ve reviewed this winter that serve their artist as well as this one does. There’s a heartfelt feel to the performance that I don’t see myself forgetting anytime soon. I think it would be wise to explore his work and find out for yourself what all of the hype has been about coming into 2024. If you dig true country, this is an artist you want to be following." - Loretta Kim, Famous & Made

"The winter of 2024 is one that none of us will be forgetting anytime soon, and it’s only right that its soundtrack wins a critical addition from Chris Chitsey this January. Appropriately stylized as both an anthem of rusticity framed in modern country charm, the vocal-led “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy” is a muscularly melodic number from Chitsey that shows the world how much he can accomplish. This song is straight out of the Nashville classics that many of us grew up singing in the back of a truck." - Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Music

"A voice starts to deliver a melody that will swell to the size of a mountain in a mere matter of seconds in Chris Chitsey’s “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy”. Equal parts country and honky tonk groove piece, this single is undeniably one of the best tracks out this winter, mostly because of its unparalleled blend of compositional awareness and vocal depth, both of which have been difficult elements for other mainstream artists to reconcile lately. He’s got all the tools he needs to go far in this business, and that’s obvious even to the most casual of critics." - Trace Whittaker, Pop Icon Magazine

"In his new single “Life is Hard, Whiskey is Easy”, Chitsey offers us a crushing new work that speaks to the heart in a manner that will leave you reaching for a glass in the best way possible. Not only does this track address a self-awareness that has been wholly missing from the charts in Nashville as of late, it relates a major passion that informs listeners of who is holding the microphone right off the bat. There’s nothing inauthentic or unmelodic in this track, which is more than I can say for some of Nashville’s biggest chart-toppers right now. This won’t be the last of his singles to make big waves." - Cleopatra Patel, Big Celebrity Buzz 

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Austin, TX
Nashville, TN

Chitsey’s journey in the country music business has been a true testament to his talent, persistence and dedication he brings to the table. His star power, world-class voice and imposing personality have brought him the national acclaim that country music fans knew was coming since the beginning.

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