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""Last Time I Saw You" doesn't ask much of its audience in exchange for a sonic treat as pleasurable to hardcore country fans as it is the casual consumer. This single is definitely among the best bucolic pieces I've listened to recently." - Mindy McCall, IndiePulse Magazine 

"An ode to love and romance as seen through the eyes of a kindred spirit. Chitsey sounds like more of a staple within his scene than a lot of his rivals would in this song, which I am ranking among the more compelling new tracks to have fallen on my desk this year." - Anne Hollister, The Indie Source

"Chitsey's latest single is another long line of five-star gems from this native Texan and there's no sign that he's slowing down. The song's accompanying video is excellent as well. This is the stuff durable legacies are known for and it's highly recommended for any fan of classic country." - Clay Burton, Independent Music and Arts Insider

Austin, TX
Nashville, TN

Chitsey’s journey in the country music business has been a true testament to his talent, persistence and dedication he brings to the table. His star power, world-class voice and imposing personality have brought him the national acclaim that country music fans knew was coming since the beginning.

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